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5 min readDec 30, 2021

Today the global tech talent shortage is a significant issue for companies around the globe. The quick advancement of technologies, on one hand, is creating new possibilities and jobs. On the other hand, the educational systems are too slow to satisfy the increasing demand. Thus, dedicated developers can now be a viable solution to the issue. But, is your company ready to hire an outside team? What is the current state of the market? Let’s take a look.

The Digital job market in 2022 and beyond

Digital employment will expand to 190 million by 2025, according to Coursera.

There will be 98 million new jobs for software development specialists, cloud and data positions for 23 million, and data analysis, machine learning, and AI-connected roles — for 20 million professionals.

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum research says that AI and machine learning specialists, as well as software and application developers, will be looked for more than other experts.

But what about the other side of the demand for tech expertise?

Due to the Skills Gap report, the most dangerous situation with an expert shortage is in the United States, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. Only 18% of respondents do not report talent lack within their countries.


43 percent of respondents in CodinGame research think it will be even more problematic to fill in DevOps positions during the next several years. 41% of HR specialists agree on difficulties with recruiting back-end and full-stack developers as well.

As a result, finding experienced tech talent will take even more time and effort in the coming years. In this case, how can a dedicated team approach be the best option?

How do dedicated teams function?

A dedicated team model of collaboration between businesses and technology vendors is very clear. Any company can hire a full development team or expand their tech department with several experts to fulfill their software development needs. The hired team is completely dedicated to the project and can be managed from either the business or the vendor’s side.

Following this, outsourcing companies offer services from human resources and management support to team stuffing. To simplify and structure the development process, dedicated teams can employ any of the modern workflow methodologies, for example, Agile or its scaled technique Scrum.

When do you need to consider hiring dedicated developers?

Of course, different businesses will need other solutions to cover their needs. However, there are several common indicators that a dedicated team is the best option for your business:

1. It is a long and complex project. Dedicated teams are more suitable for complex projects with requirements that can be changed with time, as well as for unique products that require access to a wider range of tech professionals.

2. You intend to expand your business or enter a new market. As long as most of the team management questions can be solved on the outsourcing company’s side, the team has enough time to analyze all aspects and features of the development process, which helps to enter the market with a quality product way faster.

3. The company needs specific technological skills. Hiring offshore tech experts makes it easier to fill gaps in your team and find qualified professionals in your domain.

4. Critical development needs. Hiring, onboarding, and management processes can be speeded up with the help of outsourcing vendors. In the short term, a professional tech partner will recommend a team for your software needs.

5. You have a software concept but don’t have tech experts for it. Professional software developers can work not only with settled project requirements but also can analyze your idea and lead you through project planning and design.

Structure of dedicated team

The structure of the dedicated team depends on the business needs, the specifics of the project, its scope, and the available resources. Nonetheless, the most common positions from the vendor’s side are technical lead or PM, business analyst for bigger projects or startups, UI/UX designer, software developers, quality assurance specialist.

It is a good practice to have a product owner and tech team lead or CTO from the business side.


Staying competitive in a rapidly changing market becomes more difficult if you do not adopt the latest technologies for your business. And that is how exactly dedicated teams can help you.

To get the most out of the partnership, you should always consult with an experienced team to help you in the journey of creating the best software.

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