Insights on Building a Leading Dental Practice Management Software

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4 min readAug 17, 2021

Abto Software team cooperated with the client in creating dental practice management software. With our background in developing healthcare solutions, we provided additional capacity for the existing client team. As a result, dental clinics can treat patients quickly and precisely with the help of our app. Let’s take a look at the features of one of the most popular dental practice management tools in Sweden.

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What do you need to know about this specific kind of software

What is cloud-based dental practice management software?

In short, dental practice management software is EHR or an Electronic Health Record tool. It assists dentists with their daily activities and helps dental clinics run in a more efficient way. In the case of cloud solutions, users don’t have to store data on their local servers which determines that only the desktop software has to be installed. When data is stored in the cloud, users have access to applications on shared servers with help of the Internet.

Why has dental practice management software become popular?

First, it digitizes all required data inside a clinic. All information is gathered in one source and secured from hacking. Digitalization protects medical institutions from manual errors and data losses as well. Every practice management system includes scheduling patient assignments, choosing treatment plans, and managing patients history. Also, it can handle payments and financial documentation.

Top four benefits of cloud-based practice management software

There are tons of advantages to using cloud-stored dental practice management software. Let’s group them into four main benefits.

1. Almost endless storage

Cloud provides access to almost unlimited space for storing data. That is good news for the majority of clinics that usually need to keep countless types of sensitive patients’ information. More importantly, cloud-based solutions make this data easily accessed from any corner of the planet.

2. Safety of the data

Data stored in the cloud is way more protected than one which is stored locally. Using cloud-based software, you’ll ensure that personal information is protected thanks to a secure location.

3. Flexibility

As a rule, cloud-based solutions have better scaling potential. Adding or reducing the amount of storage is as simple as just changing a plan from your provider.

4. Reduced costs

Following, cloud solutions help businesses to lower IT spendings. You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment and manage it on your side. Now it’s the responsibility of your provider.

Market Insights

Let’s take a proximate look at dental practice management software features and the way they assist dental professionals.

1. Patient management system

All the patient data is registered in one system, including prescription history, information about allergic reactions, and even more. Without paper documentation, data is often accessed and modified really quickly.

2. Appointment administration system

The solution package also can assign patient appointments in automatic and hand-operated ways. Accurate timetables, doctors' availability are also provided here. Thus, clinics can quickly schedule appointments with no mix-ups. Furthermore, consultations can be appointed automatically to attainable dental professionals.

3. Patient referrals and revisions

The application provides a function of sending automatic notifications to patients about imminent appointments and includes a scheduling check-ups feature. There’s also a system that permits referring patients to other clinics. It’s quite useful when the required clinic doesn’t offer the services to the patient. These referrals can be made automatically when the referred clinic also uses our solution.

4. Easy work management

To simplify process management, users can find dashboards, statistics, and task lists in our app. The solution assists dental professionals in regulating their work in a more convenient way.

5. Clinic administration

The developed tool has clinic administration features. They’re recording information about doctors, their competence, providing services, and more. In this software, there’s also a messenger and notifications system that can be used within the clinic.

6. Secure payments

The solution manages account assignment, tracks payments, and ensures secure payment approaches. Additionally, it provides convenient opportunities for family purchases. A client can make payments for multiple numbers of patients, i.e. relatives.

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