How .NET framework provides security in web, mobile and cloud applications

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4 min readAug 9, 2021

In 2020, Wattpad, a user-generated stories platform, suffered a huge security breach. Sensitive information of over 200 million users was exposed and sold online.

Wattpad’s case is simply a droplet within the ocean though and the vulnerable state of the software is not this surprising. Apps security may be a difficult process that starts with requirements analysis and ends with end-user security approaches. It encompasses the whole development lifecycle, and any mistake along the way can leave a weakness behind.

But application security depends not only on the skill of software developers but also on the vulnerabilities of the prefered development platforms. In this article, we’ll answer the question of how secure is the Microsoft .NET framework.

.NET security statements

The main advantage of .NET is that Microsoft is responsible for the platform. Because the biggest software company that runs the foremost popular OS within the world, Microsoft can’t allow vulnerabilities.

Very few, if any, platforms can be proud of such reliable security overseers. For instance, Java is an open-source platform, meaning that enthusiasts and interested parties keep it up so far.

Security in .NET Framework is one of Microsoft’s most important priorities. The corporation works to prevent any big security leaks as soon as a vulnerability is discovered.

Azure cloud security

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that consists of a few elements:

  1. The physical security that is protected server infrastructure;
  2. Infrastructure security which detects any deviations and corrects every error that it can find;
  3. Data and access security — encryption, transmission, and data management.

As one of the most popular cloud computing service providers, Azure has excellent results within the first two departments. Yet, the third is not fully the responsibility of Microsoft. That is where the company’s developers are supposed to provide proper adjustment and implementation of data encryption algorithms and more.

The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is an enterprise identity service. It helps companies to manage all authorizations and permissions from one place.

Also, there is an Azure Security Center. It helps companies to monitor and manage the security state of the entire infrastructure, check compliance with regulations, investigate security threats, and integrate third-party security solutions.

Xamarin: a framework for native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile development and what it provides for security

This framework gives developers almost everything they need for the security of mobile apps. The main drawback of Xamarin security is that Android apps are susceptible to reverse-engineering approaches. But even here developers have the ability to minimize risks. They can use obfuscators to “muddle the waters” for hackers that would try to look under the hoof of the app.

Basically, the mobile application security depends on how to correct developers use of Xamarin. You can feel safe about your app if developers wrote clear and reliable code and used secure storage.

Xamarin is one of the leaders among mobile development frameworks. For instance, the Planet Bank, Alaskan Airlines, UPS, and therefore the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences are among the organizations that chose Xamarin for its mobile projects. If you would like a secure mobile app, Xamarin may be a good selection.


Perfectly protected software doesn’t exist. At the top of the day, any application is secure because the least experienced developer within the team is skilled in their craft. But, the higher the tool in their hands, the fewer chances random security vulnerabilities will occur.

.NET has all the essentials a developer can use to make a well-secured application. No wonder, the platform remains among the foremost popular choices for the event of complex enterprise software also as simpler applications. Got to build a reliable app? Contact the Abto Software team, we are able to help.

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