Exploring managed IT services: Types, benefits & challenges

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Every organization should implement computational technology to keep their operations running smoothly. But with dynamically evolving modern-day innovation, constantly changing consumer needs, and omnipresent cybersecurity threat, some companies might lack required resources to upgrade their ecosystems.

On-demand managed IT services are becoming more and more popular, ensuring greater business advantage. Completely managed IT services minimize time and cost, facilitate efficiency, eliminate potential security risks, and enable strategic-thinking leaders to focus on their core priorities.

What is an MSP?

Managed services providers (MSPs) are vendors that provide specific services at a predictable budget.

Years ago, an MSP was responsible for applications, infrastructure maintenance, and overall system security. But presently, an MSP might cover other services, from consulting, solution discovery, software development, and even accounting management, to security, and beyond.

But don’t these services fall under project outsourcing?

Manager services are the ongoing cooperation, where the contracted provider takes over business operations. Project outsourcing, if compared, are the short-term cooperation, where the hired provides handles only specific processes, for example, software development.

Exploring managed IT services, by Abto Software

Managed delivery: The processes to delegate

Business consulting

Business consulting includes providing domain-specific expertise to achieve the defined business objectives. That service might encompass market discovery, problem determination, issue identification, project planning (strategy and roadmap development), and more.

Product design and development

Product design and development comprises providing narrow expertise to deliver ready-to-utilize solutions. That encompasses requirement gathering and definition, prototype design, software development and testing, product launch and maintenance, and other related services associated with software development.

Proactive support

Providing support means assisting internal staff that experience technical challenges with the IT ecosystem.

The service might comprise:

  • User training and education
  • Remote assistance and support
  • System diagnosis and migration
  • Technical problem-solving and troubleshooting

Software and hardware maintenance

Providing maintenance means ensuring that implemented software and hardware systems work efficiently.

The service might encompass:

  • Software patching and updates
  • Hardware maintenance and repair
  • System backups
  • Security updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Recovery planning

Security management

A managed services provider can ensure the client’s IT ecosystem is protected against cyberattacks and stable. That typically involves implementing security measures, which include endpoint detection and response, antimalware solutions, browser security, and others.

Data backups and recovery

Usually, managed services providers also cover information protection by handling data backups and recovery. That might involve performing careful testing and validation, business impact analysis, recovery time objective, and more.

Managed delivery: The reasons to approach

Let’s suppose you’re having business needs and objectives, which require technical knowledge and experience. To handle these independently, you’ll have to cover candidate hunting and recruitment, onboarding, training, and other resource-intensive processes.

By hiring a managed services provider, you can be sure your entire IT ecosystem will be quickly back on track. From applications to networking, infrastructure management, and other critical processes, including support — a managed services provider can handle these challenges and ensure business stability.

From outsourcing to managed IT services

Our company was approached by a healthcare organization that struggled with inefficient manual processes. Our team has covered software development, cloud migration, network monitoring, database optimization, equipment monitoring and maintenance, server monitoring and management, and other important processes within managed IT services.

At the very beginning, our company was involved to design and deliver a reliable and efficient data warehouse. But having successfully proven domain-specific knowledge and experience in implementing data warehouses, our partnership quickly transformed into managed IT services.

Managed IT services’ benefits

Better resource-allocations

By embracing managed services, you eliminate potential vulnerabilities, including downtime and crashes, naturally accelerate business performance, and optimize your resources, both time and cost.

Domain-specific expertise

By leveraging specialized expertise, you access domain-specific knowledge and experience you’re lacking, instantly streamlining everyday operations.

Improved scalability

An MSP can provide required resources in dependence to changing business objectives.

Enhanced security

An MSP can handle regular assessment and protect your applications, infrastructure, networking, and people.

Managed IT services’ challenges

Hidden costs

When contracting third-party organizations, always remember hidden costs that might arise during the project.

Insufficient expertise

When choosing between companies, always prioritize matching expertise, tech knowledge and experience.

Low quality

Managed providers should provide transparent communication and collaboration, as well as responsiveness, ensuring positive cooperation outcomes.

Cybersecurity risks

Managed providers can access sensitive information, which makes your company a target for cybercriminals — don’t forget to check if they implement industry-standard protection protocols.

How we can help

Abto Software has knowledge and experience to provide managed services to organizations across industries. With extensive, domain-specific expertise, we handle every stage from initial market and product investigation to prototyping, software development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

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