ERP platform for US-based healthcare provider

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ERP platform for US-based healthcare provider

Enterprise resource planning software is a centralized system that integrates various core business operations. It enables efficient management of accounting, human resources, supply chain, inventory, sales, and other business processes, which affect overall productivity.

Within one of our successful projects, Abto Software delivered an ERP platform for a healthcare provider, which facilitated strategic planning and optimization, appointment management, patient-doctor interaction, and other integral processes.

Key benefits healthcare providers typically leverage when using ERP software:

  • Improved operations and efficiency
  • Standardized processes and workflows
  • Data visibility
  • Data-driven decision-making

The challenges healthcare providers can overcome by using ERP systems:

  • Disconnected operations
  • Manual processes and paperwork
  • Data inconsistency
  • Uninformed decisions and difficulty in managing resource allocation

Quick overview of the delivered project

Our company entered the promising partnership to deliver a tailored enterprise resource planning solution. After being successfully integrated, the delivered ERP system now facilitates trusted and certified patient care.

Our engineers came up with an efficient solution that allows to find the best time & cost option to commute. The mechanism of optimized appointment management is based on both the professional’s and patient’s current location.

ERP platform for US-based healthcare provider

The custom-designed ERP platform comprises the following functionality:

  • Business planning and optimization — the solutions can assist the personnel with access to resources and reports to drive data-driven decision-making
  • Appointment management — the system notably simplifies appointment scheduling and management, which minimizes both time and cost for the healthcare facility and patient
  • Patient-doctor interaction — the ERP is equipped with tools, which improve patient-doctor interaction, for example, by sending appointment reminders
  • Patient segmentation — the ERP also provides CRM features, which enhances patient segmentation through location
  • Risk management — the platform allows the client company to improve risk detection, which prevents serious issues
  • Medical records — the platform collects and stores information about patients patient, which provides instant access to sources such as medical records, appointment history, risk category, and more
  • Data protection — the solution is built to ensure role-based access
  • Payment management — the system is designed to simplify payment handling, no matter the type

The robust and scalable ERP platform also includes third-party services:

  • Google maps
  • EDI Clearinghouse
  • Payment methods
  • Communication channels
A custom ERP platform for US-based healthcare provider, by Abto Software

Our approach and contribution: The stages we covered

Our engineers have used the already implemented software as the software’s prototype, but introduced significant changes to deliver a functional ERP platform.

Our team has covered:

  1. Architecture refactoring

By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we refactored the existing database architecture to support overall performance.

2. CI/CD setup

Our skilled DevOps specialists quickly covered CI/CD setup and optimization, helped with server configuration, as well as well-aligned infrastructure design.

3. Quality assurance and automation

With expertise in delivering healthcare products, we covered:

  • Quality assurance and automation
  • API integration
  • Automated test using different tracking tools
  • Automated tests’ integration with CI/CD processes

4. Data warehousing

Having expertise in designing data warehouses, we focused on empowering advanced reporting and analytics — the delivered data warehouse performs regular data download into the main database and supports straightforward reporting and analytics, driving more informed decisions.

The challenges and outcomes: The value we delivered

To ensure smooth operation, our engineers had to handle the following challenges:

  • Database refactoring: Coupling challenges

To handle database refactoring when optimizing the custom-designed enterprise resource planning platform, we had to be very careful with the previous dependencies and information in the database implemented.

  • Payment handling: Integration challenges

To protect both the customer and transaction information while establishing 100% secure online transactions, we had to adhere to acknowledged privacy regulations when covering integration processes.

  • Security precautions
  • HIPAA compliance

After partnering with the involved specialists, our client has obtained:

  • Notably improved business planning & optimization, appointment scheduling, customer interaction
  • Sensibly enhanced internal communication and collaboration between departments
  • Better usability, responsive design
  • More scalability

Summing up

By implementing ERP software, healthcare organizations can manage and automate inefficient operations. From finance, human resources, supply chain, and day-to-day customer support, to online payment handling, ERP systems quickly optimize routine processes, facilitating productivity and profitability.

In brief, a well-designed ERP platform might provide:

  • Accelerated operations across departments
  • Streamlined processes and workflows, which eliminate employee burnout
  • Data consistency
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Patient satisfaction and retainment



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