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Java and .NET are both widely used technologies, commonly utilized when creating large-scale applications. Despite their different nature, they’re often closely compared and sometimes even viewed as mutually interchangeable technologies.

Java and .NET are good choices speaking about intuitive desktop, web, mobile, gaming and IoT applications. But which to choose when delivering enterprise applications?

What is enterprise software?

Enterprise software is purposeful business software, designed specifically to optimize everyday operations. Enterprise-level solutions typically utilized might comprise ERP, CRM, SCM, HRM, and other popular tools.

Enterprise software became indispensable for repeated day-to-day processes and particularly critical activities. Among many other things, such solutions improve resource-allocation, enhance performance, and facilitate customer and employee satisfaction.

Key benefits of using enterprise applications

Operational functions

Enterprise-degree software minimizes potential business inefficiencies saving thousands of dollars in expenses. It provides more control over resources, including time and cost, and facilitates business automation.

Customer service

Enterprise-standard software multiplies overall customer satisfaction enabling efficient problem resolvement. It might include features like notifications, live chats, feedback processing and management, and others.

Supply chain

Enterprise solutions oftentimes comprise additional modules for different business functions like procurement. Helping managers to respond to inconsistencies, these applications transform operations associated with supply chains.

Human resources

Enterprise solutions also encompass various features that enable data processing and management, and more. Helping recruiters and administrators automate their daily activities, these applications boost efficiency, naturally ensuring higher productivity.

The types of popular enterprise applications

ERP software

Enterprise resource planning applications are implemented to manage business operations more efficiently. They optimize administrative processes, finances, accounting, project management, risk management, regulatory compliance, and more.

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CRM software

Customer relationship management applications are implemented to process and manage customer details. They collect and analyze customer information, naturally eliminating human error.

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Java and .NET technologies’ side-by-side comparison

For the last decades, Java was unquestionably outstanding among other programming languages being used. Even though other prominent programming languages have emerged, Java has never lost its popularity.

As stated by some reputable sources:

  • Java was used by 33,27% of surveyed developers in 2022 (Statista)
  • Java is used by 33,4% of surveyed developers (Stack Overflow Report)

Also favored by engineers, .NET is being utilized across different large industries, from healthcare to gaming. With its object-oriented pattern, cross-platform capabilities, automatic testing, universal standards, and more, .NET accelerates compilation speed and streamlines user experience.

The stats are intelligible:

  • ASP.NET was being used by 14,9% of programmers as of August 2022 (Statista)
  • ASP.NET Core version was being used by 18,59% of programmers as of August 2022 (Statista)
  • ASP.NET is used by 16,15% of professional engineers
  • ASP.NET Core version is used by 20,71% of professional engineers

Why choose Java development

Most commonly, Java is being used for building web solutions, unity software, embedded systems, and similar. Among others, the leading programming language is also very suitable to create enterprise software.

With many attractive features, for example platform independence, the language is enjoying great popularity. It is being utilized by Google, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, PayPal, Goldman Sachs, and others.

The reasons to choose Java for enterprise development:

  • Simplicity — Java, with no extra features, is easy to understand and learn, write, debug, and maintain
  • Stability — Java, providing only essential features, is both very stable and predictable
  • Performance — the programming language also provides multithreading support boosting performance

Why choose .NET development

.NET comprises essential functionality for building high-performing applications for desktop, web, mobile. Ensuring security, easy maintenance, and scalability, the popular open-source framework is also quite suiting for creating enterprise software.

Many decision-makers are already actively utilizing the platform and optimizing both efficiency and revenue. It’s utilized by Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Intuit, Citrix, Morgan Stanley…

The reasons to choose .NET for enterprise development:

  • Deployment — .NET enables simple deployment by providing private parts, code sharing, no-sway apps
  • Maintenance — .NET has powerful tools to automate project stages from building to testing
  • Customization — the popular platform enables uncomplicated, smooth customization, which notably simplifies re-design, upgrading, scaling, and integration

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