Child abuse: The future of investigation

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4 min readJan 2, 2023
Child abuse reporting platform by Abto Software

No matter the age, sex, race, social status and standard of living, children have the right to wellness and health. Despite this, every year millions of children worldwide are maltreated and suffer both physically and mentally.

Despite growing public awareness of this difficult topic, frustrating incidents still continue to occur.

Abto Software does not stand aside from socially important topics and contributes to solving pressing issues. We did what we do best and assisted healthcare professionals in fighting any kinds of mistreatment.

Our company successfully delivered a custom software solution that facilitates child abuse case investigation. The platform helps collect, segment, analyze, and interpret, as well as report child abuse case information, which streamlines further investigation and intervention, and changes existing trends.

The problem to solve

In 2010, 1 out of every 100 children in the United States were identified as victims of abuse and mistreatment. And considering the dynamics of the decades before, this number is the lowest rate of reported neglect cases. On the one hand, the events of abuse and mistreatment are declining, which indicates notable improvement. On the other hand, it is still unclear if the discovered dynamics are an actual change in the researched problem, as agencies can only report cases they are aware of.

Traditional methods of observation and investigation are hindering appropriate identification and intervention. In brief, common approaches are outdated and inefficient.

Child abuse and neglect data tracing, if approached with the right methodology, can change existing trends. On-time identification and respective, immediate response can both increase awareness of the serious issue and help protect those in need.

Child abuse and neglect information tracking must necessarily be systematic, planned, timely, and accurate. Ensuring appropriate, immediate response requires accurate information collection, segmentation, analysis, and interpretation.

Child abuse data management

In 2020, our company successfully delivered an advanced software solution to assist healthcare professionals. We delivered a website and a mobile application that help collect and share information about the physical and mental state of patients.

By utilizing the easy-to-navigate software solution, medical workers can record and report alarming incidents. The platform includes functionality such as patient profiles, medical forms, photo and video attachments, documents and sharing options.

Child abuse reporting procedure by Abto Software

Having the required knowledge and experience, our team was the perfect choice for the telemedicine project. The delivered telemedicine portal and application are now being used to fight against maltreatment.

The solution:

  • Provides smooth cross-platform access
  • Implements several core features to optimize data management
  • Follows legal industry standards
  • Ensures high-level data security
Abuse case photo processing by Abto Software
Abuse case document processing by Abto Software

Child abuse data handling

Child abuse and mistreatment are caused by individual, community, societal, as well as other manifold factors. We cannot fully control or eliminate those factors, but there are still various measures that can be taken.

Responsible bodies should be focusing on:

  • Facilitation of child protection
  • Prevention of child maltreatment
  • Home care for families
  • Special care for infants at risk of abandonment

By leveraging domain-specific knowledge and experience in providing full-cycle custom software development, we delivered a solution for easy and accurate child assault data tracking, further investigation and reporting. The platform includes features such as user profiles, real-time chats for clinicians to discuss alarming cases, photo and video attachments, and notifications.

The website and the mobile application, all wrapped in a user-friendly design, provide for:

  1. Better interaction between clinicians
    Healthcare professionals can share patient records, which improves overall communication and cooperation. This means, medical workers can access relevant information at any given time and take corresponding action right away.
  2. Increased efficiency
    The solution notably optimizes daily routines and records, and makes the investigation less resource-intensive. This way, human resources and finances are allocated more wisely.

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