All About Tech Start-Ups: Why Great Ideas Fail

Startups: Why great ideas fail? By Abto Software
Top reasons why startups fail, according to CB insights. Abto Software

A closer look at tech start-ups

  • project planning
  • team composition
  • technology & approaches implemented during the MVP development

Choosing the right strategy

The failure to achieve market fit

Poor documentation

No retrospection

All about team structure and tech talent acquisition

Building a fully-fledged team first thing

Having too high expectations when hiring

  • Their ability to solve project-specific problems
  • Them being comfortable with constant adjustments to the project scope and goals
  • Their ability to stay highly motivated to extend technical knowledge and a can-do attitude
  • Them being ready to work extra, including communication, design decisions, and more
  • Them being familiar with not only software development but also solution maintenance
  • Their excitement about the company’s mission and the final product

Underestimating proper talent acquisition

Technology and development process’ common mistakes

Focusing on quick scaling

Build, Measure, Learn cycle in Lean Startup SDLC. By Abto Software

Going with an untested technology stack

  • There is little documentation
  • There is little community to discuss related insight
  • Going with new technology means more time spent on learning and improving than developing
  • Opting for new tools makes the hiring process even harder as there are almost no engineers with the necessary knowledge and experience

Excluding engineers from decision-making

Final thoughts



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